Born Jan. 1990 in Catskill, NY
Currently residing in the greater Capital Region of NY.
Available for editorial work, portraits, weddings, & events.


BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, 2013

Professional Experience

Digital Lab Manager
Center for Photography at Woodstock (May 2015 - present)

Guest Lecturer
Poynter Fellowship in Journalism Lecture: Yale College (Dec. 2013)

Draft Magazine: Volume 10
Editor, Draft Magazine (May 2012 - May 2013)

Worked with 4 other editors to curate, design, & produce a
publication & exhibition of photography & video in Rochester, NY.

School of Photographic Arts & Sciences, RIT
T.A. to Visiting Assistant Professor Ahndraya Parlato (Nov. 2012 - May 2013)
Printing Assistant to Assistant Professor Gregory Halpern (Sept. 2012 - May 2013)
T.A. to Assistant Professor Oscar Palacio (March - May 2012)

Duties included: Chromogenic printing, scanning film negatives, file preparation for lambda printing, adding to
discussion during critiques, aiding in administrative tasks, helping students with printing & editing during lab time.

Reporter Magazine, RIT
Photo Editor (Feb. 2011 - May 2013)

Duties included: Assigning photographers to articles; collecting & choosing photographs
for publication; getting contacts for photographers; photographing for assignments. 


Common Sense(s) exhibition - Woodstock, NY (Feb. - April 2016)
Common Sense(s) catalogue (2016)
Free Lunch Vol. 1 (2016)
Draft Magazine Volume 10 (2013)


i kept searching but i didn't know what i was looking for (Oranbeg Press)
the last trace of gold fades slow (self-published)
uneven ground (self-published)
Waiting On The Dream (VUU)

intern Magazine, Issue Two
ISO Magazine, Issue 11: Traces
Society Magazine, Issue #18
Splash & Grab Magazine Issue #1
Vice Magazine, Volume #22, Issue 8
Welcome To Flint with Brett Carlsen (Self-published)

Beta (Oranbeg Press)
Draft 9
From Here On, Aint-Bad Magazine Issue No. 9
ISO Magazine, Spring 2013, Fall 2013
Incandescant Zine, Issue 3
Mossless Issue Three: The United States [2003-2013]
No Nay Never No More (Oranbeg Press)
Now That's What I Call Photography 30 Zine
Papersafe #01: Sage (CatLABS)
Petty Thieves Number Three (Empty Stretch)
Save Zine Vol. 4: Darkside
Stay Young Issue Five (Editions Ltd.)
Super Special Volume 1, Issues 10 + 12 (VUU)
Super Special Volume 2, Issue 1 (VUU)

Awards & Accolades

Shortlisted for 2015 Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer award
Shortlisted for 2014 Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer award
Invited to attend New York Portfolio Review (April 2014)
Wallace Center Photo Purchase Prize Award (May 2013)


Collarbones Magazine Issue II
Der Grief Guest-Room: Bruno Ceschel
Oranbeg NET 01: not forgotten
RAG Projects: Ceremony

Mossless: The United States [2005-2015] - Sydney/Melbourne, AUS (Nov. 2015)
Mossless: The United States [2005-2015] - New York, NY (Sept. 2015)
SUBSTRATE / Printed Matter from the Rust Belt - Lansing, MI (Oct. 2014)
Perfect Wasn't Bad, Part 1 - New York, NY (Sept. 2014)
Fresh Detectives - New York, NY (Aug. 2014)
Of The Afternoon Pop-Up Exhibition/Issue 6 Launch - London, England (Aug. 2014)
Splash & Grab #1 Launch - London, England (July 2014)
You know what I'm seeing? - San Francisco, CA (April 2014)
2014 Frames, Projecting International Photography - Glasgow, Scotland (April 2014)
Young Blood, Old Shot - London, England (March 2014)
Empty Stretch + Furthermore present: Petty Thieves 3 - Washington D.C. (Nov. 2013)
Good Light - Baltimore, MD (Sept. 2013)
FLOAT - Rochester, NY (March 2013)
Now That's What I Call Photography 30 - Bristol, England (Jan. 2013)
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Honors Show - Rochester, NY (May 2012, May 2013)
Draft 9 - Rochester, NY (April 2012)
Artawake - Rochester, NY (April 2012, April 2013)